Suffering is often a call from the soul, a call for change.  It takes courage to answer that call, and sometimes someone to walk along beside you as you journey through the dark and unknown spaces.  Our strengths often reside in these spaces, in the parts of ourselves that we’ve rejected and stuffed away.

I offer a collaborative, and supportive environment that intends to honor the wide spectrum of humanness and the intrinsic power and worth of each individual. In conditions of trust and mutual presence, the seeds of change can begin to sprout.   By listening deeply to the messages of the body, to dreams, intuition, feelings and thoughts, by acknowledging patterns that reflect our strengths and those that point to our wounds, we begin to free aspects of the self that we have previously said “No” to.  This provides the opportunity to reclaim the energy, power and wholeness that belong to us.

Using integrative, client centered and strength based approaches we can learn together where distress lives in our bodies, minds and hearts and begin to untangle the knots of pain and fear that often bind us. Through full acceptance of the self, collaboration, visualization, role-playing, active imagination, hypnosis, dream work, and inviting the participation of what we hold to be sacred, patterns of reactivity, anxiety, hopelessness, self-doubt, low self-esteem, difficult relations and the symptoms in the body that often come with these experiences can begin to heal.