I believe that each person carries within their subconscious mind a great power to change patterns and to come into alignment with what they truly desire.  These changes include resolving physical discomfort, alleviating addictive behaviors, increasing self-esteem, achieving goals, healing trauma and relieving many other ailments of the body, mind and soul.

These testimonials have been provided with permission of the clients. To protect their privacy only initials and professional affiliations are used.

For four and a half years I suffered with chronic insomnia.  This impacted me in several ways.  I had less physical and emotional energy and feared it would be this way for the rest of my life.  I felt desperate at times.  I had one long hypnotherapy session with Kristine, followed by at home self-hypnosis for four weeks using an audio recording Kristine made for me.  I now sleep uninterrupted.  If I do wake up, I return to sleep and sleep deeply.    It has been an enormous relief to be able to sleep well.  I am more present and available for others in my life and have a reservoir of energy to draw on.  This has helped me tremendously.

I was worried that I wasn’t the “hypnosis type” and that my doubts would prevent it from working.  And yet, I trusted Kristine and followed her lead and I’m sleeping well again after many years of being sleep deprived. 

HP (Biologist)

I sought hypnotherapy for early childhood trauma that has been affecting my life for years. I had a sense of blockage in part of my body that had influenced my relationships with others. I had three sessions of hypnotherapy with Kristine.  I was able to experience emotional details of previously only partly remembered events when I was a child. This enabled me to confront and let go of the blockages in my body. The positive affirmations developed in hypnotherapy continue to support this transformation.

This has made a huge difference in my life!! It has dramatically changed my personal relationships. I feel more alive and open to express myself fully!  I feel more confident in myself.  Kristine has a wonderful way about her! She is calm and centered. She is professional, yet warm and sensitive to my needs. I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Kristine!

KD (Retired RN)

 I had been smoking for 30 years.  I had been controlled by smoking, the need for nicotine and the habit of smoking was endless and made me feel not in control of my life.  I had two sessions with Kristine and nightly self-hypnosis exercises.  I experienced reduced urges and reinforced life values and goals. This has enabled me to successfully quit smoking and to feel in control of my decisions and my life.

Kristine’s coaching and encouragement to reflect on my life and the choices I make had a profound impact on my thinking and ultimately on my behavior. She taught me that I am in control of my life, my decisions are my own and can be altered if I am not getting the result I am looking for. Thank you!!

SW (Telecommunications Manager)

I sought help with breast cancer survivorship and anxiety and depression connected to a relationship break up. These concerns had been going on for one month to two years.  I had six hypnotherapy sessions with Kristine.  At the time I felt helpless and devastated.  Now I am more capable of resolving issues on my own.  I am stronger, more positive and ready to move on. I feel empowered, happier and more courageous.

I had never experienced hypnotherapy before and now recommend it to everyone who seeks new healing modalities. As a therapist, Kristine has remarkable skills. Her compassion and wisdom have impacted me tremendously and have changed my life for the better.  Anyone who receives Kristine’s gifts are very lucky indeed! Thank you!

MP (Retired High School Teacher)