What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural, relaxed, yet extraordinary state of awareness in which there is heighten focus and receptiveness to suggestion.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is guided hypnosis provided by a trained clinical hypnotherapist.  Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment, but it can be used support the treatment of medical and psychological issues and to promote health and well-being.  Hypnotherapy assists the client to access the mind-body connection and the subconscious roots of mental, emotional and physical discomfort.

What are the Benefits of Hypnotherapy?

There is abundant scientific evidence that shows that hypnosis can be beneficial as natural, complementary care for chronic pain, anxiety, trauma, addiction, low self-esteem and numerous physical expressions of these conditions such as insomnia, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, decreased immune function and more.  The American Psychological Association is committed to the study of hypnosis and it has been recognized by the American Medical Association as a therapeutic tool since 1955.

Medical Support Hypnotherapy

Medical support hypnotherapy is the use of hypnotherapy as a complement to regular health care to activate the inner resources of the client for healing.  It is effective for the relief of suffering, elimination of unhealthy attitudes, and reduction of stress that taxes immune function.  Hypnotherapy is well researched and has been shown to be effective as a complementary care option for numerous conditions.

Is Hypnotherapy for Me?

If you have a strong motivation and desire for change but despite all efforts feel helpless to make the change happen, this indicates that there may be a conflict between your conscious mind which determines what you want, and your subconscious mind, which acts out those wishes.  Hypnotherapy is a natural, effective way to bring the conscious and subconscious mind into alignment thereby making change more attainable. 

Hypnotherapy is an educational and self-improvement process that facilitates access to a person’s internal resources to assist that person in solving problems, increasing motivation, or altering behavior patterns to create positive change.  Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment.  Kristine Peeler, LCMHC, CMS-CHt does not practice medicine and her services are not a replacement for medical treatment.  No service or product is intended to diagnose or treat any medical disease or illness.  Medical support hypnotherapy is used only as an adjunct to conventional medical treatment.  Consultation with a licensed physician is required before medical support hypnotherapy services are provided.